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Parvati Press is pleased to announce the publication
of Dr. Jane Ely’s book:
A Guide for Activating Your True Potential
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Coming into Balance: A Guide for Activating Your True Potential is a book of spiritual healing practices based upon the timeless universal wisdom of the Medicine Wheel. This wise book offers insights and inspiration for personal and global transformation. We learn to activate the insightful healer within to free ourselves from the old story that keeps us stuck in the past; we are led into self-discovery and a keener sense of awakened consciousness.

The book is laid out as a ‘field guide,’ easily accessible to individuals, circle gatherings, book clubs, meditation groups, or study groups as well as for all age ranges-children to elders. Written in workbook/journal style, Coming Into Balance is alive with creative graphics and practices to engage each of us as we move through positive change toward awakened freedom.

Parvati Press is an independent press with a vision of quality books in print, ebook, and audiobook format. These books are often playful, metaphysical, serious, and thought-provoking; they will enrich your life.

The Press is now recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and we gratefully accept tax-deductible donations. 

Our mission includes publishing a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction in print, eBook, and audiobook format, especially new or unique authors who fall outside the ken of traditional publishers; to educate the public in the new epublishing and print-on-demand technologies; and to espouse global literacy causes, with a focus on the worldwide literacy of women. 

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