Sabin Howard

The Art of Life


THE ART OF LIFEby Sabin Howard and Traci L. Slatton

Why is figurative sculpture important?

With lush photos and vivid narrative,
THE ART OF LIFE explores figurative sculpture from the earliest times to the present. The work of ancient and classical sculptors, along with that of Michelangelo, Bernini, Canova, and Sabin Howard, is showcased. The book also details Sabin Howard's clay-to-bronze process, his philosophy, and his drawings.

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Sabin Howard

Sabin Howard is the foremost practitioner of, and authority on, Modern Classicism.

Sabin Howard is sculpting the National WWI Memorial, a 58' long bronze relief to be installed in Washington DC in 2024.

  • ...This rich, intelligent study interweaving the history of classical sculpture and Howard's own personal process finishes by leading the reader to understand the transformative power of art as a whole, through the eyes of one of its talented makers. Atelier Mends
  • ...with Sabin Howard's and Traci L. Slatton's The Art of Life you are in the possession of a beautiful collection of personal essays and visually stunning content that renders to its readers a vivid glimpse into the world of sculpture and in particular the work of a young American classical figurative sculptor, Sabin Howard. Norm Goldman,
  • When flipping through the pages of the 245 page book The Art of Life, written by author Traci Slatton, one cannot help but be captivated by the full-page photographs that emerge with every next turn. ...As one delves further into the book, the images become more frequent and detailed from a bronze sculpture of Hermes with serpent in hand and several bronze fragments and busts of Aphrodite to standstill shirtless models with flexed muscles looking into the oblivion, unaware of their surroundings. These lifelike sculptures are the ingenious masterwork of sculpture artist and husband of Slatton, Sabin Howard, whose primary influence and inspiration derives from two sources: the human body and the Renaissance... Olga Zapisek, GALO Magazine
  • In the event the reader does not know the name of Sabin Howard - yet - slowly absorbing this rather wondrous book, a collaboration between sculptor Howard and his wife, writer Traci L. Slatton will invade your psyche, not only because the art here reproduced so generously is so hypnotic, but also because of the team approach to the title THE ART OF LIFE simply works so well. ... Of significant importance is not only the pleasure of seeing over 100 reproductions of Howard's art, in drawing form (he is an exquisite anatomist), plaster, clay, and bronze, but to hear the interplay between sculptor and writer explaining the history of the art of sculpture, the ties to the representational figurative art of the masters Michelangelo, Bernini, Canova, Donatello, Giambologna, and Rodin, in manifestation of the spirit of man as seen in the bronze reincarnation of the corporeal form, and in the seven chapters into which the book is arranged we are invited to explore A Call to Beauty, The Foundation Supports everything, Education brings freedom, An Artist's body of work is his biography, The daily grind or process makes perfect, Living with sculptures, and Drawings. As impressive as Sabin Howard's creations are the writings of Traci L. Slatton are equally rewarding. She is a fine writer (novels Immortal, Fallen, and The Botticelli Affair and a crossover between science and spirituality book entitled Piercing Time & Space. It is the collaboration of these two fine artists that makes this book so appealing to a very large audience. Highly Recommended.” Norm Goldman,