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The Botticelli Affair by Traci L. Slatton

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Luscious art forger Laila Cambridge has a little vampire problem….
She’s a high-spirited woman with a sordid past, trying to go straight. Enter gorgeous John Bolingbroke, a half-vampire with news of her missing father. From New York through Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome, while fleeing ruthless vampires, Laila searches desperately for her father and a lost painting that holds a coveted secret.

The Botticelli Affair


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Bitten by Romance


Vampires, a missing Botticelli painting, the Illuminati, the Egyptian Book of the Dead and a simmering sexual attraction come in to play in this paranormal romance filled with humor, non-stop action, travel to several countries and many, many lies. I laughed and I cried while reading this good plot…. If you like a lot of mystery with your paranormal romance, you'll be right at home with this book.
Bitten by Romance

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Alternative Worlds


The Botticelli Affair is a superb romantic urban fantasy thriller that vividly takes readers on a tour of the Metropolitan, and museums and galleries in Europe. The protagonists are a fabulous pairing as he is attracted to her like no one in over five centuries and she is a kick butt Valkyrie on a mission to save her father, the painting, her beloved hybrid and her soul….Traci L. Slatton…paints a cerebral action-packed vampire tale of danger in the international world of art.
Alternative Worlds

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Cheryl’s Book Nook

Loved this

In the world of art forgery Laila Cambridge was Queen. Her artwork seemed to come from the original artist (and, actually did, kind of) and NO ONE who didn’t know could tell hers from the original one. They sold for millions…. What a tale! I loved this, nearly missed a class to finish it and, if your love art, vampires, great plots and characters this is the one for you. It’s perfect to start off your Fall reading.
Cheryl on Cheryl’s Book Nook

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Bending the Spine

Sexy love interest

Laila Cambridge is a troubled and fun character to read….I enjoyed all the new takes on the vampire world that Slatton explored. I always like it when author’s take something old and make it their own. In this case Slatton created a world in which a painting that most believe doesn’t even exist could change the fate of many. I enjoyed reading it.
Rebecca on Bending the Spine Book Reviews

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Between Dreams and Reality

Good novel

Bolingbroke has always promised to protect the daughter of his friend, but when he meets Laila, he certainly falls under her spell. Yet he knows that it is completely forbidden to him. With him and Laila, we are in a race against the clock to find a missing painting. A painting with a terrible secret and it seems that everyone wants it. It was a good story and I was curious to see the relationship developed between Laila and Bolingbroke. It’s pretty rare to have two the characters who love each other but do not succumb to one another.
Melliane on Between Dreams and Reality

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My two blessings

Good beach read

When I was asked if I wanted to read The Botticelli Affair by Traci Slatton, I jumped at the chance because it had all the things I enjoy in a story - vampires, art history and romance.  The story was interesting and highly entertaining -  all the makings of a B movie with the cheesy dialogue and non stop acting.  Laila is definitely a high spirited young woman and shouted, cried, chirped, panted, whispered and raced across the pages. I've never seen so many exclamation marks in one story before.  It was a good cozy paranormal mystery with all the elements for a great one.
My Two Blessings

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Paromantasy Blog

Guilty pleasure

This book is full of mystery, danger, and budding romance. …Laila is tons of fun, but troubled and flawed which makes her seem "real". John seems so wise and is the quintessential hero: noble, handsome, and strong. What sets this book apart is the references to art and art history that made me feel like my guilty pleasure is actually teaching me something - score for me! … This book is Interview of the Vampire meets The Da Vinci code. It was full of fun, nail-biting action!
Evie on Paromantasy Blog

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Seattle PI


Slatton has done a great job of giving us characters with emotional flaws. The heat that shimmers between them has you hoping and wondering what is going to happen. The chance and friendships that spring up are eternal, and the depravity is deadly. You are taken on a journey that gives you a vision of art through the ages - and the men and women responsible. The action is quick, and the journey is delicious.
If you enjoy reading vampire stories, love art, and enjoy mystery and suspense with an accelerated sense of romance you will enjoy this work. This would be a great find for that library of vampire aficionados, as well as of romance and mystery.
Leslie Wright on the Seattle PI

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Simply Angela


I liked the book and as a painter myself I enjoyed that aspect of it. The concept was intriguing as was the approach take with the vampire. The writing was amazing….I loved this book— and literally devoured it in one sitting…
Simply Angela

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Vampire Romance Books

Mysterious and rich in history

Slatton has penned a novel that is mysterious, and rich in history.  There were times the book moved a little slowly for me just because of the great attention to detail.  She did a marvelous job setting the scenes for this dark story.  Although it wasn’t especially fast-paced, the characters and story line were very intriguing, and kept urging me forward to see how it would play out.
This book is going to appeal to more than one type of reader; it reminded me of The Da Vinci code with a paranormal twist. My only complaint was that I felt left hanging, and in hopes to see the story continue.  All in all I enjoyed the read and would definitely read more of Slatton’s work!
Vampire Romance Books

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Books Complete Me Unlimited

5 Stars

I do have an appreciation for a great story, and this one certainly belongs among the masterpieces. This novel does have a bit of a slow start, but it is well worth sticking with it. Filled with action, and enough heat to singe without burning, The Botticelli Affair offers an amazing ride for any reader.

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Delighted and Surprised

In The Botticelli Affair by Traci L. Slatton, we follow the life and career downfall of Laila Cambridge. As a touted artist she is the daughter of another artist of great renown. The problem is that Laila is an expert forger; her fakes are almost impossible to spot…Slatton has done a great job of giving us characters with emotional flaws. The heat that shimmers between them has you hoping and wondering what is going to happen.


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TicToc Book Reviews

A Great Find

If you enjoy reading vampire stories, love art, and enjoy mystery and suspense with an accelerated sense of romance you will enjoy this work. This would be a great find for that library of vampire aficionados, as well as romance and mystery.
Leslie Wright on

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The Botticelli Affair

Luscious art forger Laila Bainbridge has a little vampire problem.
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