November 2014

New Parvati Press Authors

Parvati Press is pleased to announce our first author: Dr. Jane Ely.

Dr. Jane Ely, who is of Native American Indian descent, is a counselor and spiritual healer who is trained in psycho-spiritual counseling, energy medicine for hands-on-healing, grief counseling, and peacemaking skills. She has a professional private practice based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She teaches throughout North America on topics related to spiritual awakening, conscious death and dying, and transformational life skills. She is a graduate of University of Creation Spirituality founded by Matthew Fox, where she earned a Doctor of Ministry degree.
Dr. Ely’s first book Remembering the Ancestral Soul: Soul Loss and Recovery details the pervasive loss of soul in Western Society, as recognized by indigenous cultures all over the world. Ten elders from diverse backgrounds are interviewed for their perspectives on this spiritual and psychological condition that often results in physical disease, depression, anxiety disorders, and social isolation and alienation. These elders offer their wisdom and guidance regarding a powerful indigenous healing way as it can apply to our present post-modern culture. Her CD Turtle Island is available at
Parvati Press is delighted to publish Dr. Ely’s uplifting Healing Meditations for Activating Your True Potential in 2015.