February 2015


This is a guest post written by author and healer DR. JANE ELY, whose book COMING INTO BALANCE: A GUIDE FOR ACTIVATING YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and online everywhere.


Resistance to change, ignorance and complacency are the three greatest shadows we face when we look at our collective and individual reflection in the mirror. When we resist, we empower the shadow nature that wants us
to stay stuck in the malignant cycle. It we continue to resist, we will perish. If we continue to stay stuck inside our comfort zones, we will devolve. We have the tools and skills to boot ourselves into the new paradigm. The new paradigm operates from a different reality than the one we inhabit now.

We have the potential to live in balance and harmony. Utilizing the ancient tools of the Medicine Wheel in the present moment is a way to dissolve resistance, educate, activate and move into a positive outcome.
This book provides skills and tools for personal healing and collective consciousness awakening. Use it and your life will change. Mess around and give the practices “lip service” and your ego will have a field day. Get serious with your spiritual self. We are at Choice Point. In fact we have passed Choice Point. We have entered the time of those who choose to move forward and those who choose different soul pathways to stay within a certain band of energy in the 4th world of materialism. If you are reading this book, chances are you have chosen to move forward as activists and empowered beings. Coming into Balance through activating your true potential is away through the Gordian knot we have created. In order to unwind what we have created and activate other aspects of our creative potentials in the world we must first heal our spiritual energy bodies. If we do not align with our spiritual aspect, we will continue to re-create disaster after disaster because we are out of alignment with our soulular-self. We have all the creative possibilities, capacities and potential to change. Do we have the spiritual will to do so?

Aligning with your spiritual being is the starting point, here and now.“The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” (Socrates). Becoming a spiritual change maker is being an interpreter. Interpreters bridge the language and gaps bringing conscious connections from culture to culture, from the past into the present.

What is your commitment to living on Mother Earth, NOW? How will you show up for yourself and for our wonderful planet and all her beings?

—Dr. Jane Ely